VIP Business Boost Mastermind Day - 26th September 2019

Only 10 Spaces Available.
Exclusive Northumberland Venue

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VIP Mastermind - A day Out of Your Business to Focus on Your Business

What are you going to get out of your time here? What will you be able to implement beyond the Mastermind?

This is an exclusive opportunity to network and work with like-minded people to explore and resolve the challenges and blocks in your business and come away with a mapped out solution and action steps for the next 3 months. We'll work on identifying the areas you can get quick wins as well as building long term results in your business.

By the time you leave you’ll have clarity on how to get the results in your business you want this year, you'll have built allegiances and a support network that not only encourages and believes in you but that keeps you accountable. And you'll receive ongoing support from me to ensure you succeed.
We'll go deep on:
  • Overcoming the challenges you face right now (financial, sales, lead generation, people, technology, systems, resources, marketing, digital, social media, operations, mindset - whatever it is for you)
  • Growth:- Reviewing where you are and the journey to where you want to be so you create a strategy and action plan, while defining simple action steps and your success measures.
  • Establishing Consistency (Your business, your brand, operations, marketing, social media, work/life equation and more).
  • Review your Business Model and Leverage what you have.
  • Success from the inside out - challenging limiting beliefs, exploring possibilities, scenario planning, business mindset.
  • Advanced goal setting using advanced Neuro Science
  • Plus, you’ll get pre and post 1:1 calls so you know I have your back.

After the Mastermind you'll receive three months complimentary membership to the Online Success Academy (My Business and Accountability Mastermind Group Online) so you can keep the momentum going and implement your action plan with support from the group, guest experts and me.

I work with each business individually to ensure you get the results you want from this VIP experience and so you have a plan for recouping your investment quickly.

If you are an entrepreneur or SME, feeling overwhelmed and struggling to grow your business online, who is serious about stepping up and boosting your efforts to achieve the results you want before the year is out, this is for you.

Let's do this together.

Client Results...

"“…will help you identify and flow towards your purpose easily and effortlessly. This is your life, your chance to change and be all you know you were meant to be..”"

Business Owner

"She looked at what I wanted from my perspective and came up with something that I really like and, of course, she knows her stuff technologically. She’s a good mix of techy, listening, understanding and putting herself in your shoes. Highly recommended!"

Mayella Maxwell

"…The most important part was my product which I was stuck all the while…..precisely 10 plus years. Now the product is taking shape. I have clarity as to what I should sell and to whom."

Sree Menon

Mastermind in Style

Arrive at our exclusive venue for breakfast (coffee and pastries - 8.15 am), tucked away in Newcastle city centre.

We’re going to focus down and get you results before breaking for a buffet lunch.
We then continue into late afternoon, before networking over drinks.

Take the opportunity to learn more about each other and book your one-to-one follow up coaching session.
I will give you an overview and  access to the Online Success Academy where you get to help create the content you want to see and the support you are looking for in a tailored online mastermind group.

We'll be leaving for home around 7 pm.  

Why Work With Me?

I have first hand experience of setting up businesses and departments from scratch, leading teams to success, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and of starting over when life and family circumstances took priority.

I am a master at rebooting and help clients to get clear, identify priorities and refocus on those tasks that are going to get them the results they want. 

I work with you.
Your success is my priority and that's why I only work with small groups.

My aim is to help solo-entrepreneurs and business owners (coaches/consultants/therapist and trainers) create a business that they love and that supports them in creating the lifestyle they want, while serving the people they want to work with, and earning the income they desire.

I am a Business/Life Coach, Trainer, Techie, Digital Geek and Dog owner who has worked with businesses from Start-ups to Corporate giants. My background is mainly in Tech and Financial Services with lots in between.

Qualifications: Post Grad in Business and Technology. Certified Trainer and Master Practitoner of NLP, NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy(TM). I am a certified Business and Executive coach and Life coach. I worked on an award winning project coaching startups and more recently I was instrumental in establishing and facilitating a Business Growth Mentoring programme.

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Final Quarter Business Boost

Take time out to work on boosting your business and you!

We'll spend time reviewing:

  • foundations and behind the scenes operations
  • your plan and strategy
  • what's working and uncovering what's not
  • how you get good clients and keep good clients 
  • how you are managing growth
  • your marketing and online strategy
  • action steps and where you can be more effective 
  • your time management
  • Clarity and Consistency
  • Ways of immediately generating the funds to cover the investment in today

I work with each business individually in advance to ensure everyone gets the results they want from this VIP Day

In Summary...

If you want help getting laser focused on taking your business to the next level before 2020 begins...This is for you! 

What you'll get:

  • Pre and post Mastermind, 1-1 Coaching call
  • A day focusing on clearing challenges and planning effective action steps to get the results you want.
  • Small group (6 Places) so you get maximum time to work on you and your business.
  • Breakfast (pastries), buffet lunch, and drinks
  • 3 Months complimentary Membership to Online Success Academy (training, accountability, mentoring and support for online entrepreneurs)

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who would benefit from working with other like-minded businesses and who is serious about stepping up and boosting your efforts to achieve the results you want this year, sign-up and let's do this together.

To make it even easier I've even added a 2 payment option!


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